Front and back cover of catalog of exhibition Typewriter Art, Half a Century of Experiment, by Alan Riddell, exhibition at Concourse Gallery, Polytechnic of Central London, 1974.

“I was in the typewriter art exhibition in London, the catalog cover of which you also display. But the date should be 1974 – they forgot to put the year on the cover. The exhibition was initially in Edinburgh in 1973, then in London in 1974, and then Alan Riddell used the material in his book Typewriter Art in 1975. Unfortunately Alan died in 1977, a great loss. The Edinburgh catalog cover is the same design, except that it says in all lower case: “new 57 gallery, 105 rose street, Edinburgh nov 17 – dec 6, 1973”. When the catalog was revised for the London exhibition they put the dates and months but forgot the year, which was, to repeat, 1974.” Andrew Belsey