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The Monotype (1890) that seems to have been used for text graphics.

Leetspeak and possible emoticons from 1890. Found by Koichi Yasuoka, who writes:

The article shown right is from The Typewriter World (Chicago), Vol.I, No.2 (October 1897), p.46, which I found in The New York Public Library. You see the sentense “he Said it would Be a thxng of beavty & jOy FORever” is followed by a combination of punctuation marks, a semicolon and a right parenthesis, which is one of the so-called emoticons nowadays. I cannot make sure that it was really intended to represent a winking smile, but I need to check Berkshire News (Great Barrington, Massachusetts) of February 6, 1890. How do you think about this?

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