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By Diego Espíritu, from here.

By Samaylost (Tumblr).

Sten Lex’s work for Auditorio Luis Elizondo in Monterrey, Mexico. Seems to have taken about 50 days of work. Now who’s going to do this in textmode…?

Various indigenous Mexican works, photographed at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

Beadwork by the Huichol people in Mexico. Photographed at the
The National Museum of Anthropology

in Mexico City.

Los Prismos Basálticos, Mexico. Nature goes blocky.


Girl’s blouse from San Vicente Coatlan, Oaxaca Mexico.
Pic by Karen Elwell.

Zapotec Embroidery (Mexico).
Pic by Karen Elwell.

Hand embroidered cloth made in the Nahua village of Santa Catarina Acaxochitlan, Hidalgo, Mexico. The textile was exhibited at the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico City in 2011. Pic by Karen Elwell.

Antique Rebozo Colored with Natural Dyes from Puebla Textiles at the Arts Cooperative “Siuamej”.