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By Marwa Boukarim, 2009.

This book deals with the overwhelming accumulation of correspondences in a digital age. Its goal is to make sense of my huge collection of letters, text messages, Facebook messages, emails, and chats by organizing them and finding new ways of visually representing the data at hand.

Notgeld from the series designed in 1921 by Czech designer Wenzel Hablik, town of Itzehoe, via.

Poster for the documentary Pushwagner, via.

Meg Hitchcock

Edgardo Antonio Vigo, via.

Isidro Ferrer.

Cuneiform is one of the earliest forms of writing. It’s about 5000 years old, and was the dominant written language in the Middle East (while the Egyptians were all hieroglyphics). It was used for three millennia.

For our digital convenience, it’s been packaged into Unicode

Photo by nantel.


Mantras and Meditations by Meg Hitchcock

The myth about Bird B (K. Holten & E. Mourier, 1970)


by adrien m / claire b