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Märta Måås-Fjetterström – Odins Jakt. Woven wallpaper, 1903.

Casa Batlló (1904) by Antoni Gaudí. Pic by Nespyxel


Geometric print on cotton. Unknown manufacturer. 1906.

The Tree of Life pattern was picked up by the Navajo around 1900 from the Christians who picked it up from the Armenians, according to this page. The Navajo also refer to it as Bird Pictorial.

Skolslöjd aka Sloyd, a school handicrafts exhibition at Nordiska Museum (Stockholm)

Kindergarten Paper Weavings from circa 1900 (Collection Jim Linderman).

Teletype! “We always had nice operators”, via.

Anni Albers (1899 – 1994)

Fisches Nachtgesang by Christian Morgenstern. Published in Galgenlieder, 1905.

The title translates to “Fish’s Nightsong”. The poem consists of alternating lines of macrons and breves, the marks of scansion in Latin and Greek poetry, reimagined as both the shimmering scales of a sleeping fish and musical notations. 

Michael Cantor, 2012