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ASCII Space by reaktorplayer, 2012. Abstract and eerie.

ASCII video conversion by Andy Wallace. Interesting choice of font.

Very ambitious out-of-grid ASCII-animation for maximizing profit, IBM-style. Business intelligence, yo. Downstream. Made by Critica, 2012.

Example uses of the VGT228 Plus Colour Video Title Generator

by Videosmithery

Knit for Defense (2012) by CAT MAZZA.
An experimental animation created from knit stitches.

Character encoding on the www. Unicode became the most popular standard in 2008 and four years later 60% of all web pages indexed by Google used Unicode. Also interesting to note that Chinese encoding has been doing a sinus wave since 2007.



Pages from Yack Text, custom made for the Retro Yakking 2012 Christmas Special. Great fun to create!

Josh Bookout of robotdialogs.com and his ascii art Type-O-Matic, via

Demonstrations of Most Complex ASCII Fluid by Yusuke Endoh 2012. The top one is a code calligram, where the code spells out Fluid and then turns itself fluid. Got an honorary mention in the Obfuscated C Code Competition

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