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Floors in Paris; @parisianfloors on Instagram.

Photos from above: Pineapple garden maze, solar panels in Tonopah, Angkor Wat, olive trees in Córdoba, beach in Viareggio.

via Daily Overview (Tumblr). h/t: Tim Koch

Photos of buildings. Automonuments by Niz Rozenberg.

Nice n’ binary, from cpurecords via sheffieldbleep.

Hong Kong buildings, photos by Michael Wolf.

The Future Starts Now – a 20×30 meter ASCII by Rikki Kasso, 2010. Placed on the Mejiro Kindergarten in Tokyo. The ASCII art was based on a photograph, infused with numbers and phrases about learning in English and Japanese. Rikki:

As I thought more into it, it became clear that this text in digital form also known as a “font” was also a brand new language that children will grow up with as an automatic second written language. A “Neo-Neanderthal” age where symbols and icons are used to reform communication.

Sort of like was argued here. More here and here.

Cross River, Nigeria, photographs by Phyllis Galembo (2004).

Something to do with ASCII main title by Carine Bigot.