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Djurens rymd [2005] by Dino 

Yeep!Eep!Eep! (2010) by Daniel Temkin

Screenshots from one of Poison‘s magical PETSCII animations from 2004.

Text graphics by Raquel Meyers and GotoAT for Music For a 15 Year Old Me by Omri Suleiman. Get the full experience at Chipflip.

A video is played in textmode on a PET – the original PETSCII bad boy. PETpix is a recent hardware/software solution to do this. Read more here.

Haestlager i Lund [2011] by Dino

Stills from ACID* fritidshus (2012) by Raquel Meyers. Pure PETSCII power!

Stroker, a wanking game from 1983 in PETSCII text mode. Just like with Sex Games, it requires a sensual joystick touch, and not full on stick-shaking like the sports games did.

(via @despens)

By Raquel Meyers (2011). (via)


10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Book Cover), 2012.

The first book cover (I have seen) to use PETSCII (Commodore ASCII) characters as a pattern.

It is part of a compilation of writing from software artists (via Amazon)