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Apple II textmode works by Krue. More here and here.

Text-mode Tetris controlled with a phone: La rhétorique peut casser des briques by Florent Deloison. Showing now in at the Festilab Frankenstein Media Festival in Avignon, France. Video.

Unicode text graphics (more or less?) by frogyfrozz40.

From the game Cogmind. Get it here

Nice textmode overlay in the video of the Russian spaceship that is out of control and will crash into Earth and destroy all mankind. via boingboing

From the text-mode game Dwarf Fortress, in development for 10 years already. It generates a new map every time you start the game and this is one of them.

original image via fatbreakdown

Sammy the Sea Serpent for Atari 8-bit, 1981. Excellent text-mode story telling for kids, with minor interaction. Runs both data and audio from the cassette at the same time, according to atarimuseum.

h/t: drx

Soundcloud 2000 – a command line interface for Soundcloud (that recently started to delete songs that sample from Universal’s catalogue).

By Matthias Georgi & Tobias Schmidt, 2013.

Chrdius, a Gradius-like game in text mode. Made in Petit Computer – a BASIC-environment for Nintendo DS.

h/t: 4mat

By Rootcat, who´s been working with his characteristic ASCII-style for several years now. Visit his ASCII-tagged Tumblr-posts here.