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ANSI art by Judas.

Block ASCIIs by Irokos.

Drew by mattmatthew.

ASCII, PETSCII and ANSI from the new pack Baud Dudes by Blocktronics. Check it out at textmod.es.

Detail from an ANSI by BYM, release in Acid Trip 2013.

From Here to Eternity – a brand new BBS-game developed by Shooter Jennings (son of country legend Waylon Jennings) with ANSI-graphics by Misfit/Blocktronics. It lasts for 30 days, or until someone finishes the game. You can win 1 bitcoin (apx 240 US dollars).

Play the game on Bit Sunrise BBS (web, telnet) and read a lengthy interview at Break into Chat (the #1 place for BBS-games) where these images are also from.


Petscii style portraits by belgian artist Otium #petscii #playscii #ascii #textmodeart #textmodeart #portrait #blocktronics #blockfury #drawing #originaldrawing #art #digital #digitalart #grayscale #belgium #otium

Detail from Blocktronics’ collaborative piece dedicated to the ANSI-artist Bym: 67-BYM.ans.

The world’s longest ANSI by Blocktronics, 2014. 4,636 lines of text – equivalent to a 7-storey building and takes 12 minutes to watch.

Works by ungennant, mattmatthew, the creep fever, filth, radman, ant, cyonx, delicios, misfit, reset survivor, trip, argon ironghost, smoke, avenging angel, enzo, mypal goo, oder, zeusII, big yellow man, otium, maze, irokos and bw.

Xbin art by Knocturnal for 1980 by Blocktronics, 2014.