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Predator ANSI by zeroVision. Made for the Iniquity BBS, 2006. Full piece here. h/t: Sixteen Colors.

The making of a Winona Ryder ANSI-portrait. Made in PabloDraw by The Creep Fever. The finished ANSI is here. It’s 160 characters wide, which enables more detail than the common 80 character standard.

Detail from an ANSI-work by Luciano and Rad Man in Block n Roll by Blocktronics.

By F0st for the Blocktronics pack Block n Roll. This is in xbin – an ANSI-like format.

ANSI art by Judas.

Block ASCIIs by Irokos.

Drew by mattmatthew.

ASCII, PETSCII and ANSI from the new pack Baud Dudes by Blocktronics. Check it out at textmod.es.

Detail from an ANSI by BYM, release in Acid Trip 2013.

From Here to Eternity – a brand new BBS-game developed by Shooter Jennings (son of country legend Waylon Jennings) with ANSI-graphics by Misfit/Blocktronics. It lasts for 30 days, or until someone finishes the game. You can win 1 bitcoin (apx 240 US dollars).

Play the game on Bit Sunrise BBS (web, telnet) and read a lengthy interview at Break into Chat (the #1 place for BBS-games) where these images are also from.