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By Alma Alloro, 2013/2014. 



Some fun Japanese stamps restocked, incl. the popular Faces Stamp for expressing any emotion on paper. 


Work in progress by Alma Alloro.


MEMOBLAST, a group performance in a fax-based office by Raquel Meyers, Jacob Sikker Remin and Goto80.
Today at TransmedialeHaus der Kulturen der Welt
17:00 to 22:00 – Café Global stage

Please fax at +49 30 39787 288.


Fax & Frankering for Folket by Jacob Sikker Remin, Raquel Meyers, and Goto80 (2011, DEMOTEKET).  Otherworldly transmissions with genuine, 20th-century technology defects.  

Most images were made by Raquel Meyers using Commodore 64 text graphics. Others were sent in via the open fax line, mostly by anonymous senders.  Jacob Sikker Remin and Goto80 worked on the project with music and other fax aspects. The music was improvised live on C64.  The collection is available as a 65-page book and viewable on Tumblr /  Flickr.

Florenz is a young label to create scarves and stoles high quality 100% handmade using the technique of “blockprint “. Check the project here

Date stamps on paper by Federico Pietrella (2008). These images are taken from his website.

Japanese emoticon stamp – OK