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Videotex character sets 1983, 1987, 1993. Seems like these would have required hi-res or vector fonts?

Reabracadabra, an animated Minitel piece by Eduardo Kac from 1985. It was recently restored and Rhizome is now showing it online in Net Art Anthologies. Accompanied by a text by Goto80.

Beltel was South Africa’s videotex system. It was launched in 1986 and seems to have been quite active even in 1999.

An interactive videotex art work, part of A Hummer’s campaign to run for mayor of Toronto, 1982. A Hummer ended up at 2nd place with 10% of the votes. More here.

Ditzitel, a Dutch videotex service that was scheduled to launch in 1986 but never did. Full soothing video ad here.

Girotel, a videotex banking service for old white men, running on the Dutch Viditel network from 1986. Most images from here.

Fintel – the videotex service from Financial Times. They know the price of everything.

From some HAM-radio magazine, 1980, via Ray Manta.

Viditel, a Dutch videotex service from 1980s.

From the Prestel videotex service Micronet 800, most likely.

via Tim Koch.