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Kermit was a computer communication project at Columbia University 1981-2011. This image is from the Kermit 95 Gallery:

This is an ancient Heath-19 terminal “graphics” demo. It looks a bit rough in Lucida Console, but that’s only because it does not contain the Heath-19 special graphics characters, which were not added to Unicode until Unicode 3.1, and will take some time to find their way into Unicode fonts such as Lucida Console and Courier New.

URL-animations by

Glen Chiacchieri 2015. Displays in the address bar of the browser. Click on one to see! Gifs posted by The Verge here.

Also check the game that you can play in the address bar: Flappy Braille.


An Instagram account with 0 images using graphics from an old tweet by @crashtxt.

A weather client that runs in the terminal: wego by schachmat.

h/t: svearikeslag

Programming in hieroglyphics using Haskell and Unicode. By Nadim Kobeissi.

Unicode cat posted by bluemoon0929 here.