Text-mode music software: Plebtracker (Linux, 2018) and Looper (Windows). h/t: bitnibblebyte

By Leslie Roberts, 2013-2016. “My paintings translate words into visual language.“ h/t: garadinervi

Search for end_of_the_skype_highlighting to see LinkedIn-profiles, websites and even books that contain the phrase. Great text feature of Skype’s browser plugin!

The Amstrad PC 1640 character set is similar to Code Page 437, but it has a double exclamation mark‼ It’s used for maths and coding, but it also refers to  retroflex clicks like ᵑ̊‼ʰ.

The European font of the Sega SC-3000. Notice how curvy the full triangles and slashes are. Images from SMS Power and Saverio Russo.

By Ray Manta, @datad00r, using his own Circlex charset, now available in Retrospecs.