By Zaki Dee 163, without tape or stencils. Close-ups available here.

Frank Singleton has been making typewriter art at least since the 1980’s and Ramble is his most recent book – a dictionary of (some of) the English language. Limited to 30 copies, it’s available at the Western New York Book Arts Center in Buffalo. h/t: Robert Doerfler

Text labyrinth in buginese from 1794, via. Buginese is spoken by millions of people in Indonesia. ᨄᨘᨑᨊᨗᨀᨚᨆᨙᨋᨉᨙᨄ

Uncle Murrie’s Bloated Animal Funland a ZZT-game by Kurisu-sama (2001).

Via Worlds of ZZT.

C-64 PETSCII-logos by Shine, 2017-2019.


This is what Tumblr considers to be pr0n. These posts were flagged back in December, when Tumblr started removing pr0n. None of them were removed, though. But this one was:

Check out the blasphemy.

So most of the sexty stuff got away with it. Another win for text-mode!

Made in the Huari culture of Peru, sometime between year 750 and 1000.

Cuadrigula’s tape-on-fence art from around Europe. Plenty more on his Instagram.

Works from the Paracas Culture in Peru from around 800-100 BC. Looted photos of looted objects.