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Karel Martens‘ work for Guy’s Hospital Cancer Centre in London, 2016.


Breezeblocks, via ritahello.

In the 1960s, Eduardo Joselevich and Fanny Fingerman developed a technique to represent images with only four symbols. Full blocks or circles, in either black or white. They called it Fototrama and it was used at Olivetti and Philips for example.

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The Crolux Complex in Barlad, Romania. Designed by B.A.C.U in the 1970s? source

Liverpool pavilion, designed by FAT Architecture.

BBC Cardiff, designed by FAT Architecture 2010.

A house for Essex – designed by Grayson Perry and FAT Architecture. Read more.

Eliot Noyes’s design for IBM’s former Aerospace Research Center (1963) in Los Angeles County, California; the façade fenestration is based on the IBM Card.

The Guardian Building – Detroit, Michigan (1929).
Design by Wirt C. Rowland and murals by Ezra Winter

Book cover design by Walter Breker, 1960. Unusual style compared to other text graphics at the time, somewhere inbetween typewriter art and typography perhaps.

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Walter Breker, cover artwork for the book Reisebericht. Aluminium in der Architektur der USA, 1960. Düsseldorf, Aluminium-Verlag. Via Shuij Fukuda / pinterest