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Mupid was an Austrian videotex terminal that was also a programmable computer. It supported text graphics with custom fonts, pixel and vector graphics with 4096 colours, and telesoftware. More info here, here and here. h/t: Tim Koch

Wahlpoesie by Sarah Howorka. Replaces letters with whitespace in various Austrian parties’ election programs, using UNIX command line.

h/t: @zproc


His nimble fingers are the keybars of his typewriter. :-)

(via Modern Mechanix)

Typewriter gloves, 1935.

Whist, a playing cards set by Ditha Moser (Vienna, 1905-1906).

Josef Hoffmann, Adler, 1910, fabric sample.

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Santa Sofia textile design by Josef Hoffmann (Wiener Werkstatte, 1910).

Tree of Life (1905) and Stoclet Frieze Knight (ca 1910) by Gustav Klimt.

ASCII-WM 2006 was a live ASCII-broadcast of the world cup in soccer. It was accessed about 15 million times – only via telnet. Apart from converting video to ASCII, it used the live commentary from Austrian TV, translated it to English with Babelfish, and put it in the stream.

The final matches were broadcast on local TV in Vienna with a speech synthesis reading the babelfishy commentary (see bottom image).

All pics via ascii-wm.net

Fire & Ice [2013] by Slayer Grafix