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King Nothing 2. ASCII by Littlebitspace, 2021.

Conversions with a low-res font and colours colours colours, by Textile Sensile.


This is what Tumblr considers to be pr0n. These posts were flagged back in December, when Tumblr started removing pr0n. None of them were removed, though. But this one was:

Check out the blasphemy.

So most of the sexty stuff got away with it. Another win for text-mode!

Snapsots from Minitel Rose, the xexy part of the French proto-internet system Minitel. Courtesy of @ViewdataUK and @_1010101.

pr0n.works is an archive of looped text animations converted from pr0n-movies. Looks like gifs but is actually text. Made by Andrew J Levine and Pat Shiu.

Lady Hanka says: quality makes the difference! From ProSieben’s teletext.

Naked PETSCII bouncings by Max Capacity, 2011.

LetraTime, a German magazine from 1975. This cover won ITC’s first Upper and Lower Case International Typographics Competition.

More info. h/t: Tim Koch

Dicky ASCII emoticons via Laura Brown.

By Mario Duran (on Tumblr).