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Tim Koch’s custom charset animations.

Xeme from Hong Kong painting in the rice fields of Bali.

Zymosis. Amiga ASCII by dMG, 2017.

ASCII by Matt Matthew of Blocktronics, 2017.

Emoji Sheriff is a meme from 2017, started by Brandon Wardell. More at knowyourmeme. Didn’t know about this when the dude made the rounds. You might also like this one from 1904.

The classic game International Karate with a new background: the White House in PETSCII, made by Goat.

Voltra, an audiovisual treat in 1 kilobyte (!) of Javascript code, without any library or dependencies. Made by p01. Run the demo here. Full source code:

c.style.width=c.style.height=`100%`,c.style.position=`fixed`,document.body.style.background=`radial-gradient(#023,#000)`,document.body.style.font=`0 a`;for(x=0;x{for(u=o.outputBuffer.getChannelData(0),d=Math.sin(m/32),e=Math.cos(4*Math.cos(4*d)),f=Math.sin(4*Math.cos(4*d)),c.width=12*64,c.style.transform=`perspective(64vh)rotate3d(0,1,${f},${m/8}deg)scale(${1+(m/96)**64})`;a/64+64>(4*b[i-1]+b[i]*2+b[i++])^1.01*Math.random())i=a++%2048;for(i=y=0;y

ASCII eating by Mario Duran (betathing).

ANSI zodiac signs by Whazzit for Blocktronics.

Animations by Jellica made in James’ not-yet-released editor.