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PETSCII video by Ailadi, 2023. Rosie Tucker – Hot Spring.

Formula PETSCII, a C64-demo by Performers, 2022.

Terminal Text Effects, a visual effects engine for terminals by Chris Builds. Only a selection of effects shown here. h/t: Ray Manta

Clip from a work by Alicia Guo published in CURSOR magazine, 2024. “a day where your attention is constantly shifting”

ATASCII in MMoDA, an Atari ST demo by pépé, 2021. Art history converted into multi-screen ATASCII-pictures.

Seohyo‘s interpretations of Jan van Eyeck’s Arnolfini Portrait (top) and Henri Matisse’s Two Musicians (bottom).

From See Sharp, an MZ-700 demo by Fit, 2011. Full video here.

Estás obsoleta, an ongoing exhibition by Raquel Meyers in Cartagena, Spain. See the video work here.

Live visuals for Machinedrum by Strangeloop. Currently touring North America.