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From the text-mode game Dwarf Fortress, in development for 10 years already. It generates a new map every time you start the game and this is one of them.

original image via fatbreakdown

From the game Cogmind, currently developed by Grid Sage Games.


Sammy the Sea Serpent for Atari 8-bit, 1981. Excellent text-mode story telling for kids, with minor interaction. Runs both data and audio from the cassette at the same time, according to atarimuseum.

h/t: drx

Chrdius, a Gradius-like game in text mode. Made in Petit Computer – a BASIC-environment for Nintendo DS.

h/t: 4mat

Receipt Racer (2011). Using a Playstation gamepad, the user controls a car that is projected on to the paper coming out of the receipt printer. Made by undef & Joshua Noble. 

Check the full video.

Flappy Braille – a “flappy bird” game that you play in the address bar of the browser. Made by Alexandre G.-Raymond.

See more braille art here. Also check other minigames like ABaroids (in the address bar) and Defender of the Favicon (in the favicon).

Screenshots from Ultima Ratio Regum, a roguelike game under construction. It has an interesting aesthetics, mashing up ANSI, ASCII and trixels. The text characters used are inspired by many ancient written languages.

More info and downloads here.

Video game for MZ-700 computer さるも木から落ちる †, via.

tiny XEVIOUS for 700
by Oh!MZ (1986)

ザ・ポーカー †, poker game for MZ-700 (1983)