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ZX 81 Image Maker by Refresh Creations LTD (2006)


Infinity cannot be depicted.
Infinity, by definition, is bigger than anything we can imagine.
If you can see something, it is finite.

Rafaël Rozendaal

Howie B’s forthcoming album Down With the Dawn, designed by Mat Cook.

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キャラグラヘルパーCG HELPER, conversion for MZ-700

MZ-700な落書き By hundredarms (2008).

お正月キャラグラカード2006  by すぎもと

IN SUMMER TIME..... by 図面屋さん

未来都市  by しんやしきやすふみ(Sin)さん

淀川花火大会 by 図面屋さん

ありがとうベーマガ by すぎもと