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Yarn Drawing No. 16 by Sonya Rapoport and Charles Simmonds, 1976.

“Rapoport imposed what she called a “feminist art language code” on salvaged mainframe printouts, stitching them together like pieces of a patchwork quilt with rainbow yarn that she laced through the paper’s pinfeed holes.” >> artinprint

Computer Graphics and Art, August 1976.

Cover by Waldemar Cordeiro. Peace & Love fabric design by Harjnder Rajasansi. Triangle painting by Roger Coqart. Mosaic by Groupe Couleur. George Washington portrait by C. T. Manning.

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Madonna and Child in The Best of Creative Computing Volume 1, 1976. via.

Antiope (1976/1979) was the French competitor to the British teletext standard. Antiope used a higher data rate, dynamic page sizes, custom fonts, and generally more sophisticated graphics, although some of these features were introduced later in the 1980s.

According to the French, it was not as “crude and old fashioned” as British teletext. Nevertheless, the British won the the standardization war and proclaimed World System Teletext, while Antipoe was used for Teletel (better known as Minitel).

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