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Book cover for Pedro Xisto’s Particulars, 1984. Features a poem by the author performed on a computer by Erthos Albino de Souza, according to this. via garadinervi

Reabracadabra, an animated Minitel piece by Eduardo Kac from 1985. It was recently restored and Rhizome is now showing it online in Net Art Anthologies. Accompanied by a text by Goto80.


Waiting for the next BlipBlop Party. http://bit.ly/blipblop-party

Big ASCII from an HTC ad shot in São Paulo, Brazil 2012. Video here.

Tweets by Margar!dA, 2014.

Álvaro Franca’s recent typewritten portraits of Bukowski, Lispector, Salinger, Saramago, Kerouac – who all used typewriters. Video and info at his website.

h/t: Kierann Nolan via Open Culture

More typewriter art here

Tweets by Margar!dA, 2014.

Waldemar Cordeiro, one of the first computer artists in South America. Not all textmode, but it’s all about appearance, innit?

The woman who is not B.B., 1971. source

Retrato de Fabiana, 1970. source source

uma imagem (?), 1969. source