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Very impressive stop motion text movie: TXT ISLAND.

TXT ISLAND is a typographic tale of epic misadventure. The film was shot as stop-motion animation of plastic sign board letters by animation director Chris Gavin and completed in May 2009 after a production period of around 9 months.

Thanks to Ilkke for the headzüp.

Alchemical Symbols from Le vray et methodiqve covrs de la physiqve resolvtive : vvlgairement dite chymie …  by Annibal Barlet (Paris, 1657).

Tree of Dissipation, Intemperance, via.

Stewart Home: Plagiarism: Art as Commodity and Strategies for its Negation (1987), via.

Kufi works by Abdulaziz Şahin, Turkey. All these designs contain the word Muhammed or Allah, or both. More here.

Typographische Monatsblätter (TM), cover design by André Gürtler (1966).


Rune Ancient calendar from Sāmsala Source

Notgeld from the series designed in 1921 by Czech designer Wenzel Hablik, town of Itzehoe, via.


Police station in Rotterdam, bicolor pixel tile lettering. Photo by Aliz Borsa

Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim, untitled, via.