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Max Cooper – Symphony in Acid. Video by Ksawery Komputery.

A tweetable program by Andy Wallace (@andymakes games) that you can play with here.

t=0 draw=_=>{createCanvas(w=400,w) t+=0.006 for(y=0;y<41;y++)for(x=0;x<41;x++)text(String.fromCodePoint(floor(9472+(noise(50-x*.02,y*.02,t)+noise(t*1.1,x*.1,y*.1))*140)),x*10,y*10);}

Chafa converts images or video to text in a terminal, and there are plenty of settings to play with.

This recent Unicode-proposal about 8-bit character sets is a great initiative, although it only includes platforms that were popular in USA and UK. For now. ;) The uncredited PETSCII Darth Vader is by Ailadi, btw.

Terminal graphics has a new technique to convert pixel images to text. It combines ANSI shading, Unicode blocks and true color and the results can be displayed in a terminal (given the right font and terminal software). More details here.

Made by Tim C. Schröder, 2016.

Gradient with Chinese text characters by 19.