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By Rashe in Melbourne, photo from here.

Portrait en creux de Georges Perec by Étienne Lécroart. Oulipo work with the following constraint according to Google Translate:

Text of a page describing a person and drawing a portrait of it by the whites of the text: between the words and at the end of lines. The text will preferably be in the negative form and composed in a fixed hunting font.

ASCII on Amstrad CPC by Kukulcan and Cid2mizard here & here & here. And here.

Voltra, an audiovisual treat in 1 kilobyte (!) of Javascript code, without any library or dependencies. Made by p01. Run the demo here. Full source code:

c.style.width=c.style.height=`100%`,c.style.position=`fixed`,document.body.style.background=`radial-gradient(#023,#000)`,document.body.style.font=`0 a`;for(x=0;x{for(u=o.outputBuffer.getChannelData(0),d=Math.sin(m/32),e=Math.cos(4*Math.cos(4*d)),f=Math.sin(4*Math.cos(4*d)),c.width=12*64,c.style.transform=`perspective(64vh)rotate3d(0,1,${f},${m/8}deg)scale(${1+(m/96)**64})`;a/64+64>(4*b[i-1]+b[i]*2+b[i++])^1.01*Math.random())i=a++%2048;for(i=y=0;y

Textmodey works by Darokin.

Computer printed ASCII-portraits by Jaume Estapa, 1968-69. Some of the earliest examples of this, after Mona Lisa (1964). More info here, more 1960′s ASCII here.

Typewriter works by Renaud Perrin.

Block ASCIIs by Irokos.



Text-mode Tetris controlled with a phone: La rhétorique peut casser des briques by Florent Deloison. Showing now in at the Festilab Frankenstein Media Festival in Avignon, France. Video.