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Paul Rickards uses the Silver Reed Colour Pengraph EB50 from 1984 as typewriter and plotter. It’s like vector graphics on a typewriter. Photos and video here.

Manuel Vio’s first attempt at PETSCII, using @nurpax‘s new Petmate editor. via @manuelvio 

Glyphdrawing, a new online textmode editor that supports ttf-font import and independent font size and cell size. Made by grmmxi (images from his Instagram) and Ian Tuomi.

Article in Popular Electronics 1974 to build an ASCII-compatible keyboard for 40 USD. Posted on archive.org as Apple documentation, so this was presumably used for the Apple I.

An obscure little program in German to convert images into text, using the words of your choice. It seems to be called RUTVIEW and you can download it here.

Viditel, a Dutch videotex service from 1980s.

A website to create your own teletext graphics while listening to suitable teletext muzak. Made by Matt Round, 2013. Try it out here.

Some of the first typewriters in the world, sort of, made by Peter Mitterhofer 1864-1869.

The pterotype by John Pratt, 1865-66. via