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Text graphics by Manfred Schroeder at Bell Labs in 1968. For the cover of the exhibition catalogue for Some More Beginnings organised by Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) at the Brooklyn Museum. h/t: Tim Koch

Richard Paul Lohse ‘15 systematische Farbreihen mit’ (1955-69)

Various works by Dutch typographer Jurriaan Schrofer, mostly from 1960s and 1970s.

Designs by Otl Aicher 1960s-1980s. h/t: Tim Koch

Teletype list equipment for operation MOONBOUNCE (1964) / St. Joe’s High School 

Vertical bars for the ‘West Side Story’(1961) overture credits.
Watch it here

Blocky, geometrical, textmodey, op artey designs by Verner Panton.

Eliot Noyes’s design for IBM’s former Aerospace Research Center (1963) in Los Angeles County, California; the façade fenestration is based on the IBM Card.

The IBM 29 Card Punch (also called the 029 or Type 029 Key Punch or Keypunch), introduced about 1964 to coincide with the introduction of the IBM 360, via.