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Appearance of Crosses by Ding Yi. On-going series, covered here 10 years ago. First one from 2004, second from 2022.

Grão, Details of a Larger Nature by Pedrita, 2007.

Pavilhão by Pedrita, 2016.

Lost and Found by Pedrita, 2018.

Also see this.

Self Destruction by Shadow, for Galza. Made sometime between 1999 and 2004.

Country music video kings! via nfolog

Operation Gamma Velorum. ZZT-game for DOS by Quantum P, 2002. via worldofzzt

Back on Earth, a composition by Michael Finnissy, 2004. Read more and listen here.

Nokia ringtones teletext ads from 2001, recovered by the teletext archeologist.

Can i interest you in some 2ch ascii cats in these trying times?


ANSI with custom font and colours (Xbin) by Ansichrist/Sense, 2004.

Uncle Murrie’s Bloated Animal Funland a ZZT-game by Kurisu-sama (2001).

Via Worlds of ZZT.