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Shift-JIS version of Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso, 1937.



16 Horribly Boring Games That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Chair V2 by Michael Barash/Pureshadow (2002)
[Boring.zzt] – Title screen
Download / Explore boring16.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org

Includes fantastic games like Passage Pass:


Underwater Adventure:




And my favorite, Shark Aquarium:


So this is a joke, of course, but I do love Shark Aquarium. The details are so scant, and the sharks are basically just grey lines, but it still has more of a sense of place than it’s probably meant to.

Shift-JIS version of Luna by Evelyn de Morgan, 1885.


DIOWGI by djbjrca (2005)
[diowgi.ZZT] – 4Board
Download / Explore DIOWGI.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org

Shift-JIS version of Great american nude no 98 by Tom Wesselmann, 1967.

Two Amiga ASCIIs and a Crystal logo with a custom font (and drop shadow) , by Sim1.

Crop circles in Kansas, 2001. See hi-res image at NASA’s site.

Old sketchbook drawings by Jennifer Daniel, via Book by its Covers. h/t: svea rikes lag

Predator ANSI by zeroVision. Made for the Iniquity BBS, 2006. Full piece here. h/t: Sixteen Colors.

WAKK, a DOS-game by Meantee, 2003.