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Typo…matic by Josh Bookout, 2012. An electronic typewriter (IBM Selectric) controlled with a computer to make ASCII art. (previously posted without the GIFs)

Kill for peace by Severija Inčirauskaitė, 2016. More of her work here.

Leoniads Wants a Spear, a browser game by Karu & Adel Faure, 2019 using Adel’s Jgs font. More posts.

High quality GIF of capture of high quality VHS-recording of the teletext of Alter TV of Greece. Greets to Aggelos TV idents and promos! \o

Russian teletext from Channel One, 2017-2019. (I have no idea what the text says)

PETSCII-works by Max Capacity, 2012. The first two are mixed with pixel graphics.