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Ilse and Pierre Garnier, Prototypes, Éditions André Silvaire, Paris, 1965

Acid logo by Cleaner, 1999.

By Rashe in Melbourne, photo from here.

Portrait en creux de Georges Perec by Étienne Lécroart. Oulipo work with the following constraint according to Google Translate:

Text of a page describing a person and drawing a portrait of it by the whites of the text: between the words and at the end of lines. The text will preferably be in the negative form and composed in a fixed hunting font.

ASCII on Amstrad CPC by Kukulcan and Cid2mizard here & here & here. And here.

Voltra, an audiovisual treat in 1 kilobyte (!) of Javascript code, without any library or dependencies. Made by p01. Run the demo here. Full source code:

c.style.width=c.style.height=`100%`,c.style.position=`fixed`,document.body.style.background=`radial-gradient(#023,#000)`,document.body.style.font=`0 a`;for(x=0;x{for(u=o.outputBuffer.getChannelData(0),d=Math.sin(m/32),e=Math.cos(4*Math.cos(4*d)),f=Math.sin(4*Math.cos(4*d)),c.width=12*64,c.style.transform=`perspective(64vh)rotate3d(0,1,${f},${m/8}deg)scale(${1+(m/96)**64})`;a/64+64>(4*b[i-1]+b[i]*2+b[i++])^1.01*Math.random())i=a++%2048;for(i=y=0;y

Textmodey works by Darokin.

Computer printed ASCII-portraits by Jaume Estapa, 1968-69. Some of the earliest examples of this, after Mona Lisa (1964). More info here, more 1960′s ASCII here.

Typewriter works by Renaud Perrin.