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Ditzitel, a Dutch videotex service that was scheduled to launch in 1986 but never did. Full soothing video ad here.

Girotel, a videotex banking service for old white men, running on the Dutch Viditel network from 1986. Most images from here.

Viditel, a Dutch videotex service from 1980s.

Louise Marie “Lou” Loeber (1894-1983) – a Dutch artist active in De Stijl for a while. h/t: Tim Koch

By Sasj.

By Constant Dullaart, 2014. A treasure map encrypted as text and 3D-printed as a stainless steel cylinder. via

Various works by Dutch typographer Jurriaan Schrofer, mostly from 1960s and 1970s.

Mark Brand’s ASCII-installation at STRP in Eindhoven, 2015.

The occult oriented crime album sort of by Legowelt.

Album cover for Cryptochrome by Poke-1,170. It’s MSX IDM.