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Texty and trixelly designs for D&AD by Bibliothèque, 2010.

source (page 2&3)

Trixel paintings from 1924 by Edouard Benedictus, Paris. 

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The portfolio was obviously owned by Lyle Wheeler, industrial designer and motion picture art director, who got an oscar for Gone with the wind. Wolfsonian

Amish quilt from 1890, trixel style.

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Lone Star, 1890. Amish quilt, family Samuel Zook, Pennsylvania. Sammlung Schlumberger, Photo Rainer Viertlböck. Exhibition 2007, Neue Sammlung München. Exhibition Daimond and Bars. The Art of the Amish, 2007

Crappy gif of a smooth interactive trixel web fire called Hexel Flames.

By Jason Brown.

By luizalfonso, 2014.

Stamps with abstract flags designed by MAAN. More at World Cup Stamps.

Trixels trixels… Nike Air Max TN (10th Anniversary Edition) via

Corporate trixels.

Melbourne <3 ▲ and Sydney Design 2013 <3 ▲.