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Theo van Doesburg / Girl Knitting on the Harbor 1918 (?).
charcoal and gouache on paper

Theo van Doesburg, Composition XIII, 1923

Viking Shoppers by Gibson & Martelli 1999. A performance/installation with live dance and ASCII-cameras.

More infomore video.

Hiroshi Kawano, Untitled, 1972, serigraph from the Art Ex Machina portfolio.

abillmiller for glitChicago at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, running until September 28.

Kopimi Totem (2014) by Evan Roth features 7 wi-fi routers, whose network names together form an ASCII-pyramid. They all provide read/write access to the Piratbyrån archives.

Sixe Paredes. “Futurismo Ancestral”. Exhibition at Somerset House in London, via.


Varvara Stepanova, textile design, 1924

Varvara Stepanova, Pattern for a cloth. gouache on paper, 1924.

Sonia Delaunay, Composition 13. Original color pochoir, c. 1930. Via.