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Animations by Jellica made in James’ not-yet-released editor.

C64 PETSCII by Deev.

Textmode works by Polyducks for Mistigris 1117.

Teletext graphics by Horsenburger for Mistigris 1117. If you wanna support probably the most active teletext artist, check out his Patreon.

Jellica’s cosmic wolf in hebrew teletext, and remixed by Ray Manta with a custom PETSCII font.

C64 PETSCII by Deev.

Jellica’s teletext master piece: Classic Picard Facepalm with Stripes (2017). More of his frames here, made in the web-based teletext editor edit.tf.

Jellica’s fresh take on teletext graphics.

Tottenham Court Road tube station in London, with mosaics by Eduardo Paolozzi, 1986. The restoration was just recently finished.