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Impressive C-64 PETSCII by redcrab.

Torbjörn Johansson has worked with teletext news for almost 40 years at SVT Text. It is still used by 21% of Swedes – every day.

Taken from an interesting article about Torbjörn here.

From Veronica Karlsson’s 1999 ASCII Advent Calendar.

ASCII graffiti animation by Goto80. More here.

Cash is Queen and The Change (Saturday Night Fever Version) by Casper Johansson, 2013. Made with rubber stamps.

From the C64-demo Nothing but PETSCII by Genesis Project (with graphics by redcrab). Full video here.

ASCII-graffiti by Goto80. Full video here.

Detail from an ANSI by BYM, release in Acid Trip 2013.

Vladijenk II by Ceephax Acid Crew. PETSCII-video by Raquel Meyers, typing character by character.

Want H.P. Lovecraft in PETSCII textmode as books and t-shirts? Here’s Raquel Meyers’ Kickstarter.