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‘Monogram och mönster i korsstygn’ (Göteborg, 1933)
Gamlestadens Fabrikers AB, via.

Commodore 64, #PETSCII typewriter animation by Raquel Meyers
music by Dan Brännvall / code by Johan Kotlinski.

Bilaga limited editions Issue #3 / Raquel Meyers
Unique lacer-cut ‪#‎teletext‬ and a very special print edition of ‘we live in a time of monsters’


Sven Markelius, textile design Pythagoras, 1953. NKs Textilkammare, Sweden. Via Jacksons.se. The architect Markelius met Gropius on visiting the bauhaus in 1927 and was highly impressed by the ideas of modernism.

Snel Hest Text-Mode: 2014 Teletext Installation by Raquel Meyers.
SNEL HEST group exhibition at Alingsås Konsthall (Sweden).
Konst & konstig svensk mediahistoria.
With Aram Bartholl / Erik Berglin / Evan Roth / James Cauty / KATSU / Geraldine Juárez / Magnus Eriksson / Raquel Meyers / Yaxu-Algorave / F.A.T. / Free Art & Technology

Pics by Geraldine Juárez.

Text-tv fyller 40 år idag!
Teletext 40 years old birthday at page 150-151 on SVT teletext (Sweden).

Grattis #texttv ! – Happy birthday #teletext !
40 years is nothing!
Textfest article at ETC


GO28O, Raquel Meyers, Per-Olov Jernberg


Final resting place for your loved ones, on real teletext.

What would your obituary look like if internet would decide? Datagården explores this question with obituaries based on real information from the internet. It also has fictional information in order to speculate about future potentials, for when it’s time for you to go.

Datagården works on any television, using Text-tv and a normal remote control. Text-tv is one of the largest mass media of Sweden, with two million viewers everyday. Its short and reliable information presents a refreshing alternative to the spam freedom of the www.

Datagården is most likely the first installation in the world to use a custom teletext signal. It features video input, video feedback and Twitter-feeds along with custom-made graphics/text/software and C64-music. Made by Raquel Meyers, Possan and Goto80. Interface developed by Peter Kwan. 3D-printed teletext graphics made with the help of Rickard Dahlstrand.

Art Hack Day Stockholm 2013

χχχ Gradient text-tv / swedish #teletext from TV4 and Kanal 5

Big weaving event in the north of Sweden next weekend. There’ll be a train (vävtåg) from the south of Sweden with 200 power weavers taking turns on the loom.

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