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Works by 1mposter.

By Seo Hyojung, 2023. Gifs made from videos on his Instagram.

Arm Ram by Francoise Gamma, 2023. Textmode vibes, sort of.

Works by Mavenmob, 2023. Published in the artpack MIST0823 from Mistigris.

Yarn-on-fence works by Hot tea, 2023. Full videos on his Instagram. Previously featured here.

4 byte burger. C64 PETSCII by Christwoballs, 2023. Based on an Amiga pixel art piece by Jack Haeger. The video is a media archeological quest to reconstruct the original.

Pietà. C64 PETSCII by Hein, 2023.

From TwitAA_bot

Sander Focus’ PETSCII-work that escapes the grid. source/video