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Ken Morley made text-mode animations on the PET-computers. Here’s two from 1979. Phuzzy & Wuzzy go to the moon, is similar to the earlier The Canadians make it to the moon! aka Flight, released in Cursor #12, 1979. A trip to Hawaii (1979) was released in Cursor #15. See the C64-version here.

Works by Elsa Pärs-Berglund, made 1974-1984. Photos from her exhibition at Röhsska, Gothenburg.

Works by Channa Horwitz (1932-2013), via Eko33

Yarn Drawing No. 16 by Sonya Rapoport and Charles Simmonds, 1976.

“Rapoport imposed what she called a “feminist art language code” on salvaged mainframe printouts, stitching them together like pieces of a patchwork quilt with rainbow yarn that she laced through the paper’s pinfeed holes.” >> artinprint

Splendid by Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine, 1978. h/t Takashi Kawano

Vera Molnar, Lignes parallèles (Cycle ‘A la recherche de Paul Klee’), 1971, Centre Pompidou, Paris (photo: Georges Meguerditchian) via writing-machines

The first image shows a ROM-dump of the font in the classic terminals VT100 and VT220. The second image is how they appear on screen. The difference is more than just aspect ratio. Look at letters like q and p: pixels are sometimes doubled, sometimes tripled. The fascinating explanation is here.

Works by Andre Krayewski (Andrzej Krajewski), 1970s and 1980s. h/t Marcin Przyłęcki.